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Free Auto Shut Down Software

Save energy by automatically turning computers off.

The Insmart Auto Shut Down software allows a computer to be automatically turned off.

Computers are often left on when they should be shut down. You can extend their life and save money by using our Auto Shut Down software.

Insmart is providing this energy saving software for free in an effort to reduce green house gas emissions. Please consider using this software as it is a very simple and easy way for everyone to help combat global warming.

You can select any number of times for each day of the week that a computer will be turned off. For a one off shut down you can also select a specific date and time a computer will shut down.

Work Computers
Suppose users of a work computer leave work every day at 5:30pm. You could set a shut down time of 7pm for every day of the week so that the computer is never left on all through the night.

Home Computers
Suppose users of a home computer leave for work or school at 8am in the morning. Simply select a shut down time of 8:15am from Monday through to Friday. If the computer is accidentally left on in the morning it will be shut down at 8:15 and will not be left on all day.

At night everyone might go to bed before midnight so you could set a shut down time of 12am every night so that if the computer happens to be left on it will get shut down and not be left on all night.

How the Software Works
The software invisibly loads at system start up and monitors the date and time until the computer must be turned off. The software displays a 20 second warning that the computer is about to be shut down. Anyone using the computer when the warning is displayed has the option to cancel the shut down.

Any work that has not been saved will be lost when the computer is shut down.

System - Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Delivery - World wide Internet download only.

Auto Shut Down is sponsored by the Insmart Photo Master software.

Download Auto Shut Down

Free Insmart Software
Unlike many Internet sites Insmart uses the term Free Software to mean exactly that. Insmart software is free to download, free to use and does not contain "extras" such as toolbars, adware or any other third party offer.



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