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Validating Insmart Software

How to Check the Digital Certificate

At the time Insmart software is created the software is digitally signed.

If the file has been altered or corrupted the digital signature tab will be missing or the digital signature will no longer be valid.


The following picture guide shows how the digital signature can be checked to verify the integrity of Insmart software.

Use Windows Explorer to right click and select "Properties" for the file.

Select the Digital Signatures tab
(no tab means the file is not signed. Request a signed file.)
Highlight the signature labelled "Insmart Software" (or "Rodney Grasso").
Select the Details tab to show one of the following displays:

Make sure This digital signature is OK is visible
and the name and e-mail match this display.
A corrupt or altered file will display
This digital signature is not valid.


Certificate Thumbprint
Use the certificate thumbprint to confirm the certificate that signed the application was in fact issued by Insmart.

To do this click View Certificate, select the Details tab and scroll the list to bring the Thumbprint row into view.
Highlight the Thumbprint row and check that the 20 number thumbprint shown in the lower window matches the appropriate thumbprint listed in the table below.

View the thumbprint of the certificate used to sign the application.
(The thumbprint above matches with a row in the table below and was valid 2019-2022)


History of Insmart Code Signing Certificate Thumbprints

Period Valid for Certificate SHA1 Thumbprint
15 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2025bf 28 bb 4f ab 7e b1 66 d7 c4 81 83 90 38 45 43 36 04 44 e6
20 Feb 2019 - 30 Jun 2022ec 4b 32 19 1f 0b 27 71 4e 38 8e 64 2e 1e 5d 60 cc ea 9c b8
04 Feb 2017 - 03 Feb 20199c 91 9b 75 76 c9 d0 b4 a2 8e 90 20 06 57 c7 b1 c3 86 12 92
31 Jan 2015 - 30 Jan 20170e 60 e1 51 b7 71 39 a5 6e 41 6e de c4 c7 29 45 a0 e8 80 96


Installing the Insmart Certificate Authority Certificate

As of 2019 due to the monopolistic pricing of Certificate Authorities Insmart now issues it's own certificates.

Insmart clients should follow the procedure below to install the Insmart Certificate.

Download and save:
Insmart Certificate

Windows 10 certificate console

1. Select Run (Windows Key+R), enter mmc and press ENTER.

2. This console window should appear.

3. Choose File --> and open ConsoleCertw10.msc skip to step 8

or manually configure the console by selecting File --> Add/Remove Snap-in.

4. Select the Certificates item and select Add.

5. Choose Computer Account and select Next.

6. Choose Local Computer and select Finish.

7. Select OK to close. "Certificates (Local Computer)" should have appeared on the right.

8. Select the + to expand "Certificates (Local Computer)".

9. Select and right click "Trusted Root Certification Authority", select All Tasks and Import.

10. Select Next.

11. Select Browse and choose insmart.cer from the download folder. Select Next.

12. Select "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" for the certficate store. Select Next.

13. Select "Finish".

14. Repeat steps 9-13 for Trusted Publishers

15. Task complete. Close all windows displayed by the above steps.

Period Valid for Insmart Certificate Authority SHA1 Thumbprint
20 Feb 2019 - 1 Jan 204035 4f 2e d9 62 97 9e 45 df c1 f1 fe 11 f1 d1 5e 8f 05 45 25


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