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Dec 2015


AA Proving Ground - Installing PunkBuster

This is a bullet proof walk through guide for installing Punk Buster.

Often after joining a game the server may "kick" you if PunkBuster is not installed and working correctly.

Follow this guide if you are being consistently kicked from servers or wish to install punk buster.

(i)  Go to and download PBSetup.
Right click on PBSetup and select "run as administrator".
Select "Add Game", add Proving Ground and then select "Update PunkBuster"

(ii)  Now go to the even balance support page and select "PB Services FAQ".
In the first paragraph there is a link to PBSVC. "...PBSVC can be downloaded from here".

(iii)  Click on here and download PBSVC.exe or follow this download link.
Right click on PBSVC and select "run as administrator".
Select "Install/Reinstall PunkBuster Service" and then "Next"
Select Next until finished.

(iv)  PunkBuster should now be properly installed.

You can check to see if punkbuster is installed correctly by opening Windows Explorer and navigating to your Windows folder. In the folder SysWow64 you should find PnkBstrA.exe and some other PnkBstr files. Be careful not to modify or move any files.

You are now ready to enjoy playing AA Proving Ground !

Hooray !

Tip brought to you by Insmart.




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Great for scrap booking and printing T-shirt transfers

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