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28 Dec 2008

Holiday fun - Fantastic contraption game

Here's some holiday fun for all ages. Fantastic Contraption

This is a free on-line game where you have to build machines from simple devices to solve various problems.

Around the game is some advertising so be careful not to click on it unless you are interested in the advertisement.

To add another dimension to the game press the keyboard letter T before selecting start. This activates a timer that can time how long a solution takes to complete a level. A time value is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the game.

The timer lets you compete against yourself to see how quickly you can solve the level.

Author: Rod Grasso 28 Dec 2008




A unique cropping tool for cropping and sizing images without distortion.

Quickly and easily layout images on a page for printing and size images to exactly fit photo frames.

Great for scrap booking and printing T-shirt transfers

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