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11 Sep 2009

Insmart DOS screen and keyboard emulator

Insmart has extended the life span of it's DOS accounting software by creating a Windows emulator that allows Turbo Pascal programs to be re-compiled as full Windows application using Delphi.

This means the programs have access to all Windows API functions and are not restricted by any DOS limitations such as limited memory, short file names and a limited number of open files.

The conversion process takes very little effort and consists of replacing keyboard input and screen output commands with equivalent Delphi commands supplied by the Insmart emulator.

The emulator supports the DOS TextAttr colour scheme as well as 24 bit colour.

The emulator also allows screens to have any dimension and the Insmart accounting software has been expanded from 80 columns by 25 rows to 90 columns by 29 rows. This enables more information to be displayed on the screen.

A sample screen shot is shown below.

Emulated DOS screen for converting turbo pascal programs into Delphi

The software appears to work exactly as if it is running in a DOS window.

Modification to the software can be made to incorporate Windows functionality like long file names, 24 bit colour, cut and paste, file open and save dialog windows and custom Delphi forms.

You are welcome to contact Insmart using our contact form if you would like additional information regarding this development.


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