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Insmart Production Performance Management

A Quantitative Key Performance Indicator for cold steel roll formers

This year Insmart has enhanced their embedded web server technology for serving production performance data in real time from Insmart automation control systems.

Managers can simply use an Internet web browser to view machine production and performance data.

The Production Performance Management Module (PPM) is available as an option for all Insmart roll former control systems.

Today production managers are under increasing pressure to optimise production but without the ability to measure key performance indicators of the production process it can simply be too difficult to determine where the bottlenecks are.

The Insmart production performance management system collects encoder data from a machine throughout the day and records hourly production totals.

Data can be displayed and graphed on an hourly, daily and monthly basis and can be used as a measurement tool for optimising production.

Measurement Verses Guessing
Have you ever wondered how effectively a machine gets used each day.

No need to guess anymore. The PPM module gives you the ability find out exactly how many metres were run and how items were made. You may also be shocked to learn just how few minutes per hour the machine was running for.

Below is a graph from a real roll former that shows the number of minutes per hour (as a percentage) the machine was actually running for.


A daily production summary displays hourly totals and a utilisation graph for the day.

A monthly production summary shows totals for each day of the month, a daily average and a production summary graph for the entire month.

The recorded data is accessed using an Internet browser. If the controller is networked the data is available to any staff with browser access to the network. A password may be used to prevent unauthorised access to the data.

Add-On For Any Roll Former
A new product Insmart will be introducing shortly is the Insmart Production Performance Monitor, a hardware device that can be fitted to any roll former to provide similar performance management data.

As far as we know Insmart is the first company in the world to offer this facility and we have been receiving lots of positive interest in this exciting new product.

Please contact Insmart for further information.

View Interactive Monthly and Daily Production Summary Samples

Monthly Production Summary


View Interactive Monthly and Daily Production Summary Samples

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