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Crop and size images

No distortion

Size to fit frames

Create perfectly fitting desktop wallpaper images

Layout images on a page for printing

Suits scrap booking and
printing T-shirt transfers

Selecting subject for framing

Subject cropped to a 4x6 photo
Photograph taken with a digital camera

Cropping tool keeps a specified aspect ratio
to match photo paper or desktop size.

A 4x6 zoom of the subject to suit
mounting in a 6x4 frame.

Easy as 123

Step 1 - Open the photo.
Step 2 - Choose photo size (to fit frame or photo paper).
Step 3 - Set the crop tool size and position the frame around the subject.
Step 4 - Crop the image.
Step 5 - Save or print the photo.

Adjusting Aspect Ratio
A photo must have the right dimensions to fit a frame, photo paper or your computer's desktop.

Guess work and distorting images are a thing of past. The Photo Master software has been designed to make this process simple and accurate.

Adjusting aspect ratio
This digital camera photograph has an aspect ratio of 6x4.5

By choosing a crop ratio of 6 x 4 (see Width and Height above) the image can be precisely cropped to fit a common 6x4 frame (or a 6x4 photo sheet) without the image being the wrong shape or distorted.

Photo Master is a unique system for cropping, sizing and laying out images for printing.

Size and layout images on a page ready for printing

Layout images for printing
Images can be "dragged" around the page, rotated, and sized by sliding the sizing bar.
A "properties" page can be used to exactly edit the images location and size.
Align tools allow images to be aligned with other images.
Equal size tools allow images to made the same size as other images.

Size an image to fit a frame
Right click on the image to display a pop up menu as shown below.

Selecting a frame size

Select a frame size to instantly size the photo for the frame.

Exactly Fitting Desktop Wallpapers
Photo Master lets you size and fit wallpaper images directly to your desktop.

Selecting a desktop wallpaper size   Set image as the wallpaper
To create a fantastic looking wallpaper simply open an image and:
(i) select your desktop size,
(ii) use the crop and shrink tool to precisely size the image,
(iii) use the Wallpaper menu to set the image as the wallpaper.

Make Your Photos more interesting
Crop off unwanted areas to zoom in on your subject leaving the image correctly sized.

Easily Size and Layout a Page of Photos
Use the layout sheet to easily place and size images on a sheet of paper before printing the page. The layout mode is also great for creating a collage of photos for scrap booking and printing T-Shirt transfers.

Size and position units selectable between millimetres or inches.

Exact Dimensions
Some web sites only allow images of a particular size to be uploaded and some sites may distort images when the image is scaled to fit a specific size. The crop facility allows you specify a width and height so that you can choose the best part of an image to exactly fit the required size.

Crop or Layout Mode
Dedicated cropping mode allows you to process lots of images all at once. Simply switch to layout mode whenever you need to print some images.

Special Effects
Photo Master can create oval shaped images for creating an effect or for fitting an image to an oval shaped frame. Crop images for CD covers and prepare images for printing directly to CD.

Simple but Brilliant
We don't know of any other software that lets you crop and size photos as quickly and precisely as Photo Master.

More ways to create a 6 x 4 photo
Selecting subject for framing   Cropped 4x6 photo
Creating a 4x6 portrait A 4x6 portrait ready for printing or mounting
in a 6x4 frame

Create an oval special effect which also saves ink when fitting images to oval frames.

Selecting subject for framing   Cropped 4x6 photo
Creating a special effect A 4x6 oval portrait for mounting
in a 4x6 oval frame

  It's so simple it's brilliant!
Easy to use and does exactly what you want.
C. Woods
Canning Vale Australia

Good stuff, happy with software, nice & easy.

This is fantastic, Thank You.

Excellent product. Online delivery great idea. Smooth transaction. Thanks.


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Indexed Help
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