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Temperature Alert Information

Each temperature sensor can be configured individually with a low or a high temperature alarm. The temperature value must be exceeded for a specified number of seconds before a temperature alarm is raised.

When a temperature alarm is raised the alarm details are entered into an alarm log and displayed in a real time alarm tracking window that is automatically displayed on the screen. If the audio alarm is enabled a siren is played through the computer's speakers for a specified amount of time or until the temperature returns to normal or until the alarm is manually cancelled by an operator.

Alarm Notification
Whenever an alarm is raised the Rafter Plus software can be configured to issue a notification of the alarm condition via E-mail and SMS.

Alarm Groups
A great feature of the Rafter Plus system is the use of alarm groups. An alarm group allows a number of sensors that are located near each other to only raise one alarm. This means if you place some sensors in a room and group them into a single group then if the room temperature exceeds an alarm value only one alarm will be raised for whichever sensor first exceeds the alarm value. This reduces the number of unnecessary notifications.

Alarm Window

RAFTER PLUS Alarm Display

Sample Alarm Log File

RAFTER PLUS Sample Alarm Log File

Notification Configuration Screen

RAFTER PLUS Notification Configuration Screen

The notification configuration allows a roster of different people to receive temperature alerts. Each day is seperated into twelve 2 hour blocks.

SMS Notification
SMS notification is performed by subscribing to a third party SMS service which will accept an E-mail containing the SMS message to be sent.

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