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12 Jan 2021Insmart coding milestone Insmart code base tops 1.5 million lines of code.
21 June 2018Remote Support Improvements Client Support Expanded Globally.
29 Nov 2017Insmart Name Clash Personal care items bearing the name Insmart.
29 April 2016Delta AC Variable Speed Drives Insmart variable speed drive solutions.
2 May 20148 Channel Analog Data Logger Measure and record 8 analog signals.
19 Nov 2012Production Performance Management Measure and manage machine production using your Internet browser.
6 June 2011ipTools first public release free neat ipTools utility software for system administrators and advanced users.
12 Feb 2010Rafter Plus version 3.0 update released New features free to registered users.
11 Sep 2009Insmart DOS screen and keyboard emulator Run Turbo Pascal programs in Windows.
11 Sep 2009Rail Baron board game host software Free payment calculator software for the board game Rail Baron.
17 Aug 2009Rafter Plus software update Version 2.6 incorporates temperature graphing with the built in web server for remote access.
29 May 2009JIM file format update Version 1.8 of the Insmart Roll Former Job Import File Format has been released.
28 Dec 2008Holiday fun - Fantastic Contraption A free on-line game where you have to build machines to solve problems.
8 July 2008ISA industrial motherboards now available Insmart has a limited stock of motherboards with the older 8 or 16 bit ISA bus connectors.
23 Apr 2008Photo Master software release Ver 1.5.8 Precisely size and fit images directly to your desktop to create great wallpapers.
18 Mar 2008Free Insmart Auto Shut Down software release Save energy by automatically turning computers off.
8 Feb 2008Free Insmart Auto Launch software release Automatically open slide shows and html documents from CD's and DVD's.
26 Jan 2008Create a private contact link Allow people to contact you without publishing your E-mail address.
20 Dec 2007Free Duke Nukem 3D Windows launcher A multi player LAN meeting lobby for playing Duke Nukem 3D in Windows.
10 Dec 2007Chain E-mails How to validate a story before forwarding to your friends
4 Dec 2007Heat and hard disk drive failure Is your hard disk array running too hot ?
3 Dec 2007Smart Clip software release Windows clipboard utility - 12 clipboards - plain text copy - image saving.
21 Apr 2007Insmart Photo Master software release Version 1.5.1 Create fantastic photos. Crop and size images - No distortion - Size to fit frames - Layout images on a page for printing.


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